We make you grow more than you can imagine.

GeoSIS helps you to drive your business to grow rapidly more than you can imagine. GeoSIS is connected to various data and various analysis features are available to support various sectors.

Our Story

GeoSIS officially becomes a legal entity in 2022, is a product owned and operated by PT. Karya Berdiri Bersama. However, before it was inaugurated, our company had been operating since 2016 on behalf of Geospatial Info as a community of Experts who were not bound by a legal entity. Since then we have continued to be involved in various projects in the field of information technology and management. When involved in various projects at that time, we encountered various obstacles and efficiency problems from the products that our clients wanted. That's why we decided to create our own new product by developing existing technology and visualizing large amounts of data, so that it can help our product users to deal with various obstacles and problems that our clients have gone through at that time and new problems that have arisen. coming. Analyzing location data on a large scale plays a very important role in many ways, including in the business sector in industries such as Telecommunications, Real Estate, Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing and many more. We saw an opportunity to bring spatial analysis to a wider range of organizations and industries where we had not been able to achieve its full potential before. GeoSIS is headquartered in Bandung with a team of Spatial Analysis and GIS Development Experts. We are united in this company to create products that are capable of being leading solutions in solving the limitations of conventional processing, management and monitoring capabilities in Indonesia.


Analyzing data spatially is considered very complicated in general use, so most prefer not to rely on spatial data analysis techniques. However, as Data Science grows rapidly, we need to realize that we have now entered the Spatial Data Science era Most government, private and public sector organizations lack Data Science Professional Experts, and not even all Data Science Experts have the ability to analyze spatial data. The goal of GeoSIS is to help every Data Scientist to easily take advantage of spatial data in analyzing data, so that they can be more productive for their company by using the services provided by GeoSIS.