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What is GeoSIS ?

GeoSIS is a Location Intelligence platform that provides various services including supporting needs in processing, storing, managing and monitoring Spatial data. By using analysis services at GeoSIS, users can optimize business processes, and predict future results through Spatial Data Science.

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Module Services

We provides various modules according to your business needs.

  • Data Explorer

    Explore the distribution of POI premium data accompanied by detailed information.

  • Map Thematic

    Explore density maps from a wide selection of sectors and categories.

  • Map Profiling

    Location profiling analysis tool based on road accessibility or radius.

  • Grid Analysis

    Analysis of an administrative area into a grid form based on parameter scoring.

  • Business Profiling

    Analyze the profile of an administrative area centered on your business location using parameters based on a business perspective.

  • Business Plan

    Analyze the value of a location with high and low scores to expand your business, using positive and negative parameters.

  • Survey Tools

    Collecting data using 3 survey method options: Tagging, on-screen images and Form Survey.